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 About Sheena


Although relatively new to the freelance writing scene Sheena Stratton has been involved in various aspects of the animal world for many years.

Sheena’s career background is in healthcare where she trained and qualified as a Registered Nurse for People with Learning Disabilities and worked in this field for over 20 years. She also has a B.Sc (Hons) in Community Health Studies.

Sheena has been a freelance contributor to Our Dogs and Our Cats Newspapers and a number of club journals. During her contract with Our Cats she also designed PR and advertising materials, wrote advertorial features, compiled puzzles and competitions, reviewed books and products and reported from Cat Shows around the country. Currently Sheena is regular contributor to Rat and Mouse Magazine, providing the Puzzle Page.

Her real interest is in researching and writing articles on animal rescue, welfare and particularly the role of animals in the health and wellbeing of humans (from assistance dogs, PAT animals and classroom pets through to those special animals who have no formal training but have such a bond with their owners they can predict epileptic seizures, asthma attacks and other health problems). She also enjoys searching for the light-hearted stories on the more quirky side of the animal world.

Sheena has a number of pets herself. As a child her family had a Cocker Spaniel, cats, cold water fish and cage and aviary birds. Her Nana kept “Killer Chickens” who always pecked her knees when she went to feed them, but this hasn’t put her off the idea of keeping a few hens of her own for eggs. She has also kept hamsters, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs.

 In the past Sheena has been an active member of Cats Protection and was a local branch committee member, fundraiser, homing officer and foster home for many rescued cats. She has also done home checks for dog rescue and is always happy to help with any fundraising or transport for various small animal charities.

Currently Sheena has 2 rescued dogs, a working type Setter and a Springer/ Cocker Spaniel Cross, about 40 Fancy Rats,  a rescued rabbit and several cats including 3 British Shorthairs, a Norwegian Forest Cat and 4 recued mogs.  Her latest acquisition are some Fancy mice which she hopes to breed and show in future. She occasionally shows cats and is a sometime Steward for Nick when he is judging.

She also breeds and exhibits Fancy Rats as Bog Myrtle Rattery, breeding for Variegated, Hooded, Badger and Cinnamon Pearl varieties. Sheena is also an NFRS Show Judge, is a member of several Rat Clubs, the National mouse Club and is on the committee of the Yorkshire Rat Club, where she also writes for, edits and produces the club journal.

In her spare time Sheena likes reading, cooking and knitting. She also enjoys walking with, or without, the dogs, especially if there is a nice country pub along the way!





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