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Rat Eating Celebrities


Towards the end of 2009 ITV1 broadcast it's annual trip to the Australian Jungle... 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'


At first all the media talk was about Jordan's return to the jungle but soon attention turned to celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo (who went on to win the series) and actor Stuart Manning. Having been put in the 'poor' camp a part of a task, and with little food provided, the pair caught and killed a wild rat to supplement the dinner menu. The other celebrities in their camp, ate the rat with rice and beans and proclaimed it quite tasty. Ant and Dec the ubiquitous presenters treated the event as a fairly lighthearted spectacle... but all that changed when the series finished and the Australian RSPCA became involved.


The New South Wales branch of the organisation launched a prosecution against the two celebrities by serving a Field Court Attendance Notice for committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal and subsequently a Court Attendance Notice was also served upon "ITV Studios" for the same offence.

The cases were due to be heard in February of this year and on  3rd February 2010  the cases against Mr D'Acampo and Mr Manning were raised at the Murwillumbah Local Courtand  were adjourned to 17th February 2010.

On 8th February ITV Studios entered a plea of guilty to committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal in the Downing Centre Local Court. The company was convicted and fined $3000, ordered to pay $76 in Court Costs and agreed to pay $2500 in Professional Costs.

David O'Shannessy, Chief Inspector of the NSW RSPCA, told Fanciful Media that 'The conviction confirmed that the manner in which the rat was killed, in association with the production of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was unacceptable' He added that 'while animals can be killed and prepared for human consumption, this must be done in a manner that inflicts no unnecessary pain, distress or suffering on the subject animal.'


Regarding further action against the two celebrities at the centre of the ruccous Mr O'Shannessy stated that 'Given the conviction of ITV Studios and the circumstances surrounding the incident the RSPCA wont be proceeding with the charges against D'Acampo and Manning and these will be withdrawn on the 17th February 2010 in Murwillumbah Local Court.'

Fanciful Media Report... We talk to New South Wales RSPCA to get the true story


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