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Meet Nick


Nick Mays is a well known journalist and freelance writer specialising in writing about animals. He has previously been, and currently is, actively involved in a number of pressure groups raising awareness of important issues in regard to the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of companion animals and also animal welfare and rights.


Having started as a freelance writer in 1989, Nick soon established himself as an accomplished and authoritative commentator on a range of topics.  

He has a number of books published and has edited both Wellbeloved Magazine and Our Cats Newspaper. Away from animals Nick has also written a number of scripts and concepts for comics, and is currently working on his first novel.


As a journalist he is perhaps best known for his articles about the Dangerous Dogs Act and canine legislation in general. He was Chief Reporter at Our Dogs Newspaper for 12 years. He has also written for Dog World, Our Cats Newspaper, Dogs Monthly, Your Dog, Dogs Today, Mad About Dogs, Fur and Feather, and regularly contributes to Pro Rata, the journal of the National Fancy Rat Society (NFRS).


Nick was also the Our Dogs’ roving reporter at Crufts Dog Show for many years, producing words and pictures that truly captured the spirit of the show in the ring and beyond, and is a familiar figure around the pens providing photo show reports and coverage from many cat shows around the UK. 


Nick has written pet care information leaflets for My Pet Stop, including Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Gerbils, Syrian Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Small pets for Children. He has also written advertorial features for the local press, Pet Marketing Monthly and Pet Business World.


A well known face on the show scene, Nick remains actively involved in both the Cat and Rat Fancies. He exhibits and judges Household Pets at GCCF Cat shows (having previously had success exhibiting Balinese, Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats), and breeds, exhibits and is an NFRS Championship Judge in the Fancy Rat world. Nick is also a member of several Cat and Rat Clubs as well as The National Mouse Club, and is Hon. Secretary of The Yorkshire Rat Club. He currently has ‘several’ cats at home, including Moggies as well as Persian and Exotic Shorthairs. These include various rescued cats. He also has ‘a few’ rats and breeds for Silver Fawn, Ivory and Himalayan varieties as Trinovantum Stud.


He also breeds and exhibits mice,  and in the past has been actively involved in breeding and exhibiting rabbits (Cashmere Lops, Polish, Rex and French Lops), hamsters and cavies. He also kept ferrets, gerbils, spiny mice, jirds, bank voles, tropical and cold water fish, axalotls, xenopus clawed toads, green lizards, slow worms, frogs, salamanders, terrapins, newts, stick insects and many more over the years.


Nick is also a dog lover and currently has 2 dogs, A Golden Retriever and a rescued Yellow Labrador.


Still in the Canine World, Nick is President of Dog Theft Action. He has previously provided PR materials for Council for Docked Breeds and is a keen supporter of Deed Not Breed and The Bella Moss Foundation. Nick also attends APGAW meetings as an Associate Member.


In his spare time Nick enjoys reading, watching TV, particularly Dr Who, walking the dogs and loves to visit Scotland, particularly the Loch Lomond area.



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