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Homes Needed for Loving Couples


As Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, approaches the RSPCA is asking potential rehomers to spare a thought for inseparable couples  and consider taking on two animals for double the love.


The charity is currently caring for dog duos, cat couples, rabbit romantics, cooing chinchillas and even giddy geese which can’t survive without each other.


It is hoping that with love in the air at this time of year, potential new owners will open their doors and their hearts and offer them a fresh start where they can continue to love each other and be adored by a new human family too.


One of the couple's hoping to find a new home for life are Charming Chinchillas Karen and Becks;


Karen and Beck met at the Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent. Karen was rescued by RSPCA inspectors and it was love at first sight when she met Becks whose owner had moved into a nursing home. Karen had spent most of her time in the corner of her cage with her head down but Becks has given her the new lease of life she needed.


Mona Jorgensen, deputy manager at Southridge RSPCA Centre, said: "Some of the animals which come into our care have had traumatic pasts so it's great when they are able to find love and happiness with both another animal and a new owner. These animals have formed a very close bond and we don't want to separate them or cause any more upset.


 "We are hoping that during this romantic time of year, people will find space in their hearts to offer these animals a loving home as well as the care and affection they deserve."


Anyone interested in offering a home to Karen and Becks or another pair of Chinchillas should call 0300 1234 555 or log onto





Image courtesy of RSPCA. Do not reproduce without permission