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A selection of this week's news stories by Nick Mays;



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For more news and information on this and other canine stories visit London Dog Forum



Dog Theft Action are aiming to bring canine issues to the forefront in the upcoming General Election Campaign. Here's some tips for when the prospective candidates knock on your door...









 Dog Theft Action is a registered charity - Registered No. 1115706



Make the Dog Vote count!



Prior to the recent announcement that the General Election will take place on 6th May we were assured by the main political parties that they are taking the dog vote seriously and they had determined on various dog related policies that would make our communities and our dogs safer.


One of the issues put forward as a fundamental step in the right direction is compulsory microchipping. The potential of the microchip is largely accepted by the majority as the best way to permanently identify dogs as well as providing us with a register of dog owners. DTA has been calling for compulsory microchipping as a fundamental weapon in the fight against dog theft as well as the obvious benefits to other aspects of dog welfare. However it seems that as we approach the Election some of the commitments recently made are likely to fall by the wayside!


The estimated percentage of the dog owning population is 23 per cent – that’s a good six or seven million voters…. and votes! So what can the owners of the 8 million dogs in the UK ask of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates that knock on our front doors?


DTA recommends the following;







Please take every opportunity of quizzing your representatives on these issues and let DTA know of your experiences both positive and negative and please – for dogs’ sake - be persistent!


Jill Moss, Founder and President of The Bella Moss Foundation is embarking on a lecture tour of the United States in April 2010. Read more about Jill's visit and the foundation here next week or visit 




A LANCASHIRE police woman shot during a violent armed robbery is supporting a charity that provides dogs for injured servicemen and women.

Hounds for Heroes is a national charity that provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled people from the armed forces and emergency services.

PC Katie Johnson was shot during an incident at a pub in Bamber Bridge, Preston on New Years Eve in 2007. Last year a gang of four men were given lengthy jail sentences after being found guilty of robbery and wounding with intent.

PC Johnson said, "I became aware of the charity during my recovery period when I read Allen Parton's (founder of Hounds for Heroes) book. I found his story to be an inspiration and contacted him to tell him so. We have kept in touch and I was honoured when Allen invited me to become an ambassador of Hounds for Heroes.

"Having been a Police dog handler for nearly 3 years, I fully understand the role dogs can play and how they can help improve people's lifestyle."

Hounds for Heroes latest project is the Puppies on Parade Appeal. The charity is looking to raise £100,000 to buy and train five Labrador puppies up to a standard that will assist injured or disabled people.

The charity was founded by Gulf War veteran Allen Parton who suffered a serious head injury whilst on duty in the Gulf back in 1991. Allen was given Endal, a Labrador to help assist him and the dog changed his life.

Allen said, "It has been a dream of mine to have a charity that works specifically for these people who routinely put their lives in danger. Hounds for Heroes is our chance of giving people something back. We owe them a great debt and this is our way of saying thank you.

"I am absolutely delighted that Katie has decided to get involved and believe she will be a huge asset to the charity. Her knowledge and love for dogs is vital and I think she will be able to provide that link between the charity and police forces across the United Kingdom."

PC Katie Johnson was one of the first officers on scene at the Hospital Inn public house on Brindle Road in Bamber Bridge. As Katie approached the scene a man emerged from the pub wearing a balaclava and shot PC Johnson. She received pellet wounds to her leg and was rushed to hospital. It was only by sheer luck that she did not receive serious injuries.

Katie added, "I am glad to be back at work and over the past 12 months I have been able to train my new dog Bertie who now works as an explosives dog. I am also enjoying the challenges of training and working my dogs and believe that they play a huge role in helping to police Lancashire."

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